Nuts Studios

 A Dutch Independent Game Development Studio.


2018 will soon end, and 2019 is about to begin!

As the year draws to a close, December is taking up more and more time, away from development. 2019 will bring a new flow of more steady development where we can put our effort in Nimidae, #Noire or other projects. We are currently prepping everything for the newly arrived Unity 2018.3 and all it’s updates, and are looking forward to 2019.1 early next year. The first tests and improvements are comming out great! So we wanted to leave you with a tease of what’s to come.

Happy holidays! See you in 2019!


Happy Holidays!


Bokke Riêjers

It is deemed wise, to stay inside and dim the lights, when the sunset has been touched by ice…

Our Halloween reveal is here! Join us, and dive deeper into the lore of Nimidae and explore a darker tone of the world. Beware of Witte Wieve and Bokke Riêjers…

This is the trailer: Watch the full sequence here.