Design, Visualize, Prototype.

In an industry that’s everchanging, we have specialized in creating real time visual set pieces to explore ideas and concepts on their road to fruition.

An amazing idea may work well on paper, but may end up completely different in practice. With the power of real time visualisation, it is possible to explore those ideas and see them come to life in a whole new light. An idea, accompanied with a great visualisation, could give you the edge when pitching to potential investors.


Nuts Studios was founded on january 23, 2013 by Jamie Nooten. Since then, we’ve worked on various traditional game project and smaller outsourced assignements. Together with the experience we gained through the years we started to experiment with the latest software, looking for the best possibilities to enhance our work. We found our love in creating concepts, and setting them up with tailored visuals to illustrate their potential.

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