Guardian is a small (graduation) project that was made in a very short amount of time in 2013. We are currently not working on the project and it may be revisited in the future.



This small group was founded by three students who graduated Game Art at SintLucas Eindhoven in 2013. Their mission was to create a gameconcept with unique visuals and a moving/touching story. We-Three eventually merged into Nuts Studios.

The game was meant to be a small, semi playable demo to illustrate an emotional story of a girl growing up.

For more information please visit Guardian’s Facebook page.

Initially it wasn’t planned to implement gameplay in Guardian. But as the project progessed, two very talented people came by We-Three to help out with some of the programming and optimisation.These people are Marco Beekman and Jop Knaapen.

Later the two teams teamed up yet again, this time to test Mo-Cap for their games. With a lot of help from this team, We-Three was able to implement some Mo-Cap into the game.

We also need to shed some light on yet another talented individual: Dennis Verbuijs. He helped We-Three with setting up the first gameplay level and it’s score.


Concept Art

3D models