Guardian is a small (graduation) project that was made in a very short amount of time in 2013. We are currently not working on the project and it may be revisited in the future.



This small group was founded by three students who graduated Game Art at SintLucas Eindhoven in 2013. Their mission was to create a gameconcept with unique visuals and a moving/touching story. We-Three eventually merged into Nuts Studios.

The game was meant to be a small, semi playable demo to illustrate an emotional story of a girl growing up.


A young girl coming back home to find her parents fighting. She takes her favorite stuffed animal and runs up the stairs right into her own dream world where everything is possible. Her stuffed friend floats off as she levitates into the sky. Her friend returns as her big Guardian, taking her to wherever she want’s to go… 


We follow this girl and her Guardian through three stages of her young life.

As a five year old you don’t have much to worry about. You will come across many obstacles that will block your path. But there’s always someone to help you overcome these obstacles. And even when there’s one too big for you to take on, you’ll just wander off into your own imagination.

As a sixteen year old, everything seems like a big hurdle. Everything is thrown at you whilst trying to go your own way. You’ll think you’ve made it, but you actually haven’t yet. You will rebel against all sorts of authority and every sign of help. You’re on your own whilst confronting your biggest fears.

As a twenty-one year old you sometimes feel at piece with yourself. There are still a lot of hurdles to take, but most of them feel like old friends and don’t require much effort. You don’t need much help whilst spreading your own wings.


Concept Art

3D models