The low lands were blessed with seeds that fell from the skies. These seeds sprouted trees that kept the land together. They grew strong and tall, burying their roots deep into the earth. The trees grew so strong that the lands dried and expanded. The land grew enough to draw in creatures from far away. These creatures worshipped the trees and these lands, becoming one with nature.

Something magical happened…

After ages, water pushed land upwards and started to cool down. These mountains stirred up clouds that would bring all kinds of weather to all corners of the land. Rain started to pour and rivers started to flow. However, the farthest corner of the world would burn up and dry out…

The land grew and was beautifull.

One day, a Dragun and his Master came across these lands. Looking for their purpose, alone and far adrift, they decided to stay a while in these beautifull lands. They named them Nimidae.

The appearance of the master did not go unnoticed, and drew the attention of a lot of different races from far off lands to settle in this new paradise. Most of them worshipped the master and respected the lands, living in harmony and adapting to their surroundings. They in turn where blessed with magical powers. Except, for one particular race: Humans.

They started to cut the trees to build houses. Burn trees to grow crops. Chip rocks to build walls. And started to grow jealous because they did not get the recognition from the lands, nor the Master.
Time passed and Humans fortified themselves in their cities and grew weary of magical creatures, fearing they would be superior and a threath to their reign of power. The Dragun crept away into slumber and the master feared a conflict on the rise. She was right…

War tore the land apart, leaving the Humans victorious. How this exactly happened remains unclear, even now…

The Humans slaughtered most of the creatures with magical powers and banned the ones that got away from their lands. They overthrew the dynasty and put lords into power. They forced everyone to their rules, even their language, and tore down any prove of the creatures of old.

It has been decades since that war. Humans reign from their fortified cities. Magic is nothing more than a fairytale and only the older generations know the tales of old. The creatures from those tales haven’t been seen since and the Master has been forgotten by most.

Kaelin grew up in the remote village of Willow Coombe, far away from the fortified cities. But even here, their grasp tightens. The Riëjers (Riders) roam the land, pillaging and plundering. more and more people say they’ve encountered creatures from those old tales.

And this, is where this tale begins…

This is the trailer: Watch the full sequence here.


The Game

Dragun Nimidae will be a third person action adventure game. But instead of building a story around the gameplay, we will be doing the opposite: creating gameplay that’s complementary to the world and story of Dragun Nimidae.What does this mean?

We want you to be immersed into the world. It would be ashamed to spend minutes tweaking your gear in slick menu’s and missing that beautifull sunset. So we dare to try to build an experience where all your traditional stats are ‘under the hood’ and we let logic, trial and error take the wheel.

For example:
Hey that’s a pretty neat outfit. I want to wear that one, but I’m already wearing a complete set. Well, which one is it going to be? And what are you going to do with the one you are wearing right now? Can you leave it somewhere safe? Sell it perhaps?


Furthermore, logic:

Yes, clothing makes you move more easily. But hey, that big piece of armor sure can take more hits while slowing you down quite significantly. And it’s up to you to choose what you’ll use and how that effects gameplay.

We won’t give you a magical bag with unlimited space.




Nimidae started out as a complete fantasy game. But we felt there was something missing. Something tangible, something real and grounded. A lot of the creature designs and lore already took inspiration from Dutch folklore so we thought it would be a great idead to implement more.

Tell me more!

The Netherlands have a pretty interesting history. Particularly the provinces in the south, as they weren’t always part of the country. These lands have a more religous background, more superstition and folklore. They even speak a heavy dialect (that varies per village) that is considered a completely different language. Especially between 1700 – 1800 a lot happened. It was a time of regression where people lived off the land, and industrialisation slowly made it’s way at the end of the century. Bang in the middle of the century where desperate times with big contrasts between city and farm life.

How much is based on this exactly?

The Humans, in short. They will live in situations similar to this blueprint. Especially that farm life is a very nice standard for Nimidae. We are doubling down on the overall Dutch folklore, we are going to use the language and build locations (for the humans)that are based on real life to help ground them in a established world that makes sense. Expect those locations to be build according to the correspinding architecture.

But why not completely fantasy?

Well, designing a village is hard. With a foundation grounded in reality, the villages will feel more realistic. A lot of the world is still completely fantasy. We really like the time period and the aspects, so we feel it is a great addition to the overall feel an athmosphere of the world.
And besides, there’s still no game that has done this setting before.


  • story driven game
  • gameplay complimentary to the story and the world
  • fantasy based on reality
  • embracing the Dutch heritage: Folklore and Fantasy you’ve never seen in games before
  • travel anywhere in Nimidae when you so desire (when you reached a certain point in the game)
  • day and night cycles and different climates with various weather conditions
  • single player, third person, (action) adventure

It has been such a long time..

Working on smaller concepts and other projects left us with little extra time to put into Nimidae. But now is the time to expand and rev up production. We’ve learned a lot in this everchanging industry. And we feel we can push the graphical fidelity to new heights and deliver an experience worthy of waiting.


Nimidae has been Greenlit by the Steam Community.

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