The year is 2055, a world not quite similar to our own has survived climate change and an impending apocalyptic event in a radical way thanks to their advanced technology. Due to a revolution in building materials and design in the 1930s this world has made a technological leap that surpasses our own. This caused New York and other major cities to expand further outward and ultimately encompass four states on the East Coast.

The Endless City, as most people call it, consists of different levels of society where the lowest section is for the city’s refuse, the people who lost their jobs or are simply deemed unfit to be part of society.

Powerful corporations have grabbed power and the elite are playing their shadowgames behind the scenes of every major deal. But society is changing, and more and more people are standing up against the tyranny of the elite few. In some parts of the city even going so far as to rebuild the older parts of the city and hoping life will flourish there.

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#Noire is currently being prototyped by Nuts Studios.

Story and concept by Peter V. Baikun.


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