In Playgrounds! we’ll take you back in time and give you all the freedom and fun you had when you were a child playing outside.


Playgrounds! is a mock-up and prototype we used to play around in. We envisioned an online multiplayer game that would be perfect for those who are still a little too young for the big league.

Heavilly inspired by just playing outside, Playgrounds! would feature: Base building, character classes, skins and upgrades, Fair and Foul play mode and more. But every weapon or object would have been constructed by kids: simple objects put together on a playground (slide, swings etc) as a base, mom’s cooking pan as a helmet, binoculars made from toilet paper. Everything could be upgraded and special skins as a reward for higher leveled players. Pure team based, capture modes, plain old fun!



  • You have 1 minute to construct your base, teamwork or chaos?
  • Try to capture the flag and bring it home.
  • Every ‘kill’ earns points to unlock more items to expand your base next round.
  • If you are downed, TIME-OUT!
  • Are you going to wait untill the Timer is down? Or sneak away and cheat?
  • Various classes (tank, spy, sniper, healer, spotter)
  • Spy can be any object in the level, including the flags
  • Spotter can punish cheaters


Playgrounds! is currently shelved due to the immensly popular Battle Royale genre.

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