The Plorks

“So I was minding my own business, got interupted by those Space Pirates, so I stole their ship and crashed it here… And now I have to get off this planet. What could possibly go wrong?” – Corgi

Somewhere in space, at the bar in some dirty old diner, we meet our hero: Corgi. He got thrown out a pirate gang yet again and finds himself sobbing over a drink. He has to prove he is a worthy pirate, at least he feels like he is the alpha dog.

“Damn, I am awesome!” – Corgi

At that very same moment the all new, and fastest, ship in the galaxy arrives and our hero sees that this might be the only one possible option for glory. So he steals the ship.

With no knowledge of this new high-tech vessel he soon crashes it on a foreign planet like he had never seen before.

“Oh crap, crap crap!” – Corgi

Now he faces the hazards on this remote planet where he has to travel dangerous paths and overcome numerous enemies to find a new ship and run from whoever owned that ship he crashed before.

This new adventure brings more tales about some legendary treasure somewhere in the galaxy, and the key to open set treasure. Is there more adventure looming for our hero?

Run, Jump, Fight and Puzzle your way off this dry desert planet. Collect coins and other booty on the way as you try to stay out of trouble. The locals aren’t that friendly and the world itself is trying to get in your way.

Are you able to get the Corgi back into space?


The Plorks is a mascot platformer we build as a playable prototype.

It has also been Greenlit by the Steam Community.

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